The Closet Of Pien Stieglis


Pien Stieglis
Owner & Head Creative Stieglitz

Name a few of your favorite things:  

Stieglitz, Paris, Uruguay, laughing, LOLLY my cat, wearing caps, bread with pate, my bath, flirting.

What are some of your mottos?
‘In het verlangen ligt het genot’. ‘Zien waar je naartoe wilt, dan pas kan je het bereiken’.
‘Be confident and believe in yourself’. ‘Laughing is the cure for everything’.

What are some of the things that you enjoy about having your own fashion label?
Doing what I love.
Meeting new people all over the world.
Creating new worlds with my designs.

What is the DNA of Stieglitz?
Combining two worlds.

Share with us your thoughts on ‘fast fashion’?
Well what I hate about fast fashion is that they are copying a lot and the whole way of producing is usually wrong.On the other side its nice for girls who cant afford designer clothing. I have a mixed feeling about this. I like the independent shops that are working their asses off to create new designs.

Your dream home away from home?
YES it will be in Uruguay! I would love to buy a piece of land and build my own wooden house next to the beach. The beaches are raw and its very simple. It feels a bit like Vlieland.

To whom would you like to pass the ‘The Closet of’ shoot on to?
I would like to pass it on to my dear friend Merinda Kate Jackson – owner of The lovers and drifters club.


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