Second hand designer fashion as a first choice

Our mission

The Next Closet’s mission is to change the textile industry by inspiring people to invest in quality and reuse what they already have. The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Therefore our goal is to make secondhand your number one choice. Because why new when there are already so many beautiful items out there?

By giving your items a second life you save on average 73% of CO2, chemicals and water (source: Circle Economy)

The beginning of something beautiful

In 2013 Lieke Pijpers and Thalita van Ogtrop founded The Next Closet: the leading circular marketplace for second hand designer fashion in the Benelux. Together with their talented team in the city centre of Amsterdam, they are innovating the second hand clothing market via technology. Making The Next Closet the largest sustainable marketplace for designer fashion in the Benelux.
Let’s start this fashion revolution! Will you help us? Check our vacancies here.

The impact of fashion

The fashion industry is, except for the oil industry, the most polluting chain in the world. We buy 60% more clothing than fifteen years ago and wear those items half as long. In fact: 70% of a wardrobe remains unworn and 33% of women wear clothing less than five times. This worries us. In particular when we think of the harmful substances in the production process, the scarcity of raw materials, fast fashion brands that are constantly growing, the poor working conditions and the enormous ecological footprint that we leave behind.

These facts inspire us to create a positive change in the fashion industry: #letsstartthisfashionrevolution!

What can you do?

Shop secondhand
Discover unique and affordable designer items and thus extend the lifespan of items of your favourite designers. Shop here.

Sell or donate your clothing
Earn money and contribute to help saving our earth. A good policy to shop consciously is FIFO: First In, First Out. These are charities that we support. Please donate clothing not suitable for sale to these organizations instead of throwing it away. Give your designer pieces a second life by reselling them online.

Quality over quantity
Invest in quality: you will enjoy these qualitative items for years instead of a few days or weeks. In the end this is even cheaper, so: win-win! Take good care of your cashmere, wash your jeans inside out and put your woolen garments in a bath. Your clothes happy, you happy, we happy!

Our partners

Our boutiques and closets of famous sellers are important partners for the The Next Closet. We also work together with these sustainable organizations to achieve as much positive impact as possible on the fashion industry: