After oil the fashion and textile industry is the most polluting industry in the world. The Next Closet’s mission is to accelerate the purchase and reselling of (second hand) designer clothing. We inspire people to invest in qualitative items and to re-use. Why?

  • For the production of a t-shirt it takes 2,720 liters of water to make. This is more or less the amount of water you drink over a period of 3 years. (Mongabay)
  • 1 / 6 people worldwide work in the clothing and textile industry. The majority is women and they earn less than $3,- per day. 75% of these people are from low-wage countries such as Bangladesh, China and India. (Cleanclothes)
  • Every year we waste more than 200 million of kilos textile. These numbers are from The Netherlands only. (DSFW)

With The Next Closet we fight against the fast fashion industry. In our opinion it is unfortunate that for every occasion people buy a new top for less than €10,-. This very same top can be thrown away after washing it one time. The Next Closet encourages everyone to invest in qualitative clothes that you can wear for many more years. You’ll look fashionable and in the end it saves you lots of money! #lets-start-this-fashion-revolution!

What have we reached so far?

Our dream is getting closer to reality. With a collection of more than 16.000 designer pieces and a community of about 50.000 women who are shopping second hand and or selling their clothes we gave already over 15.000 items a new life! This has saved the production and emissions of millions of liters of water, CO2 and chemicals. We are proud of this! We believe that we can make a positive impact with The Next Closet with the result that we all start shopping more sustainable.


What can YOU do?

In already starts with small and simple steps:

  • Invest in quality clothes. Clothes that you can wear for many years. And it save you at the end lots of money. (win=win)
  • Buy your clothes second hand.
  • Give your own clothes a second life by selling this to someone else. You will earn money as well. Start selling!
  • Choose more sustainable and preferable locally produced brands. Check out our favorite sustainable brands marked green here

Our Partners

Dress for success

Dress for Success provides people on welfare or minimum wage with suitable clothing for a job interview. TNC supports this foundation by donating unsold designer items.

Circle economy

Circle Economy connects companies to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. The Next Closet's mission is to give your closet a second life and Circle Economy complements that perfectly.


The ReShare Store is a modern and fresh secondhand clothing store of the Leger des Heils. This store applies social & affordable prices and creates a working place for volunteers and people distanced from the labour market. TNC will donate its (designer) items that are not sold or admitted to the ReShare Store.