The sustainable marketplace for second hand designer fashion

Sell your designer items safely online, earn money on your wardrobe and contribute to a more sustainable world. Sell ​​your designer clothing in no time via The Next Closet.

How does it work?

1. Photographing

Photograph your designer item(s) yourself. We will retouch the cover photo for you.

2. Upload for free

Upload your item(s) and determine the price. Please pay attention to our criteria, we only accept well-known brands in top condition.

3. Free shipping

Sold something? Ship your package to the buyer for free. DIY items can not be returned.

4. Earn

Of each sold item you will receive 80% commission on your bank account

Would you prefer that we do the work for you?

Upload service

  • A personal TNC assistant will come to your house.

  • Get help by photographing, describing and uploading the items.

  • Set the price and get an 80% margin.

  • Send the items from your home with a free shipping label.

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Premium service

  • Send your high-end items for free to our office or drop them off.

  • We take the entire selling process out of your hands, including safe shipping.

  • Get a price suggestions from our fashion specialists with a 50% - 65% margin.

  • We make sure the buyer receives your item the next day.

Discover premium service

Why sell at The Next Closet?

  • Advertise for free: upload your ads for free to The Next Closet
  • Easy shipping: receive a prepaid shipping label
  • Fast sales: get access to a huge fashion community
  • Secure payments and transparency: transparent pricing and secure payment methods
  • High return on investment: earn up to 50-80% of your selling price without hidden costs
  • Sustainable impact: give clothing a second life and contribute to a sustainable textile chain

You can sell all of this through the next closet