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Our conditions

Our brand selection is based on various criteria. We attach importance to the quality, the sustainability of the brand, the price and the current trends. There are a number of brands that absolutely do not meet our criteria: Every item will be carefully reviewed to maintain the highest possible quality. Therefore, take a good look at our conditions to see if your items are suitable.

The Next Closet only accepts:

    Quality - We only accept items of the best quality. Be very critical and judge the current condition well.

    Designer brands - We exclusively accept (high-end) designer brands. Click here for the complete list of brands.

    Dry cleaned and spotless - We assume that you will submit your items in clean condition. Provide clean items (dry cleaned / washed) without damage.

We absolutely do not accept:

    Dirty or unwashed items - We like it clean!

    All forms of damage - We do not accept items with holes in them or with missing buttons, shoes with worn heels, etc.

    Fake items - No fakes!

    Swimwear, lingerie, socks, tights and costumes

    Fur - “Fur is off limits”

    Low/medium-end brands - Click here for the complete list of brands.

Read everything about selling in our Frequently Asked Questions or ask a question in our chat box below.

100% authenticity guaranteed

At The Next Closet, we only accept pre-owned designer items that are 100% authentic. To be able to guarantee this, all items go through a strict process where they are inspected for quality and verified for authenticity by our team of curation experts.