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Our conditions

“We are picky” - Not just everything ends up in the shop of The Next Closet. Every item will be carefully reviewed to maintain the highest possible quality. Therefore, take a good look at our conditions to see if your items are suitable.

The Next Closet only accepts:

    Quality - We only accept items of the best quality. Be very critical and judge the current condition well.

    Designer brands - We exclusively accept (high-end) designer brands. Click here for the complete list of brands.

    Dry cleaned and spotless - We assume that you will submit your items in clean condition. Provide clean items (dry cleaned / washed) without damage.

We absolutely do not accept:

    Dirty or unwashed items - We like it clean!

    All forms of damage - We do not accept items with holes in them or with missing buttons, shoes with worn heels, etc.

    Fake items - No fakes!

    Swimwear, sportswear, lingerie, socks, tights and costumes

    Fur - “Fur is off limits”

    Low/medium-end brands - Click here for the complete list of brands.

Read everything about selling in our Frequently Asked Questions or ask a question in our chat box below.

100% authenticity guaranteed

The Next Closet fights against the counterfeiting industry of designer items. Therefore our team of experts inspects the quality of each item before it enters the online shop. We only accept designer items that are 100% authentic. Therefore all items first need to pass a stringent authentication process. For certain brands an authentication certificate is required. In case there is any doubt of the authenticity of an item we will never accept this item and / or we will refund the purchased amount.